UR22-MKII looked by plugin

Hey, i have a somewhat strange problem.
If i start my windows 10 pc and go into an archetype first everything works fine.
But if i open a Browser, Spotify, Outlook basically any other program with sound, and then
open the archetype i can only hear the archetype. And its not like the other programs get muted by windows in the manager i can still see the level, i just cant hear it.
Sometimes my browser even crashes when doing so, but most of the time it works just fine but without sound.
My interface is a UR22-MKII from Steinberg on a Ryzen 5600x platform.

Hi @Manuel, welcome to the community!

You probably are using an ASIO driver for your interface I assume which is likely configured as the main output. Without having any knowledge on the UR22 audio interface, I would just reach out to NDSP via email support@neuraldsp.com and they should be able to get your sorted quickly.