Updated devices/models from the CorOS 2.0 release notes

This is a list of the devices from the 2.0 release notes that have been updated and should now be offering a legacy option in addition to the current incarnation of the model. Part of the new ‘Device Versioning’ feature.

Updated Devices

With the addition of Device Versioning, the following devices have been updated:

Amplifiers (Guitar)

  • D-Cell H4 Ch1 Normal (Diezel® VH4® Ch1 Normal)
  • D-Cell H4 Ch1 Bright (Diezel® VH4® Ch1 Bright)
  • D-Cell H4 Ch2 Normal (Diezel® VH4® Ch2 Normal)
  • D-Cell H4 Ch2 Bright (Diezel® VH4® Ch2 Bright)
  • D-Cell H4 Ch3 (Diezel® VH4® Ch3)
  • D-Cell H4 Ch4 (Diezel® VH4® Ch4)
  • Solo 100 Crunch Normal (Soldano® SLO-100® Crunch Normal)
  • Solo 100 Crunch Bright (Soldano® SLO-100® Crunch Bright)
  • Solo 100 Lead (Soldano® SLO-100® Lead)
  • EV101IIIS Blue EL34 100W (EVH® 5150 III® 100S® EL34)
  • EV101IIIS Red EL34 100W (EVH® 5150 III® 100S® EL34)


  • Green 808 (Ibanez® TS808®)


  • MX Vibe (MXR® UniVibe®)
    • NuVibes is now a legacy version of this device.
  • Phaser


  • Bad Horse (Morley® Bad Horsie®)

How can we find out what these updates entail?

The “Device Versioning” info below, also from the 2.0 release notes. Btw, that “contextual menu” they are referring to in reference to how you switch between current and legacy versions is more commonly known as the menu where you set your expression pedal assignments - the three vertical dots visible on the far-left in the middle of the screen after you have tapped/opened a block’s parameters.

One question is are they going to allow multiple legacy versions? The language is a bit ambiguous, but it could be interpreted as “they are”, judging by their use of the plural “legacy versions” in the final line in this excerpt from the release notes.

"Device Versioning

Device Versioning has been added to allow users to select the version of a device they want to use. This allows us to non-destructively provide new versions of devices where their performance has changed or sound has been improved.

*If an update for a device you are using is available, a green icon will display in the top-right corner of its icon on The Grid. In addition, the first time you open the parameter for a device with an update available, the contextual menu button will change to a green arrow. *

You can switch between updated and legacy versions of a device via the contextual menu in the parameter editor."

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Thanks for the reply, I’m curious to know in what ways the performance or sound has been improved.

The short answer is they probably get better at modeling and captures as they go along. Get better gear to model along the way perhaps as well. No two tube amps is exactly the same, different pedals of exactly the same make and model can differ as well. Particularly with analog pedal and amps. Some specifics would be nice to know though.

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In short, you can’t as NDSP has not indicated what changed between the versions although the SLO models sound phenomenal now.

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The SLO Crunch is my main amp model and the new version does indeed sound better. It doesn’t seem to have the somewhat unnatural high end the legacy model has. It just sounds smoother and more natural.

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