Unable To Mute DI; Scarlett 18i20

Hello All,

As the title suggests, I’m unable to mute the DI signal through my interface. I’ve read multiple other threads suggesting that I need to mute the DI input, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to do it. I’ve been working with the Focusrite support team for a few days, and they had me go in and try all sorts of stuff. For those who use their interfaces, we’ve been over all of the routing in Focusrite Control, and no matter what, the DI sound is still there through the monitors.

However - If I play through headphones, the DI sound is muted, but only through headphones. Both sets of outputs are configured to the exact same input. After a few days working with me, the Focusrite team seems to think the issue might be with the plugin itself.

Interestingly, the only time I can notice it is when I use the Transpose feature on Archetype Petrucci. All of the factory presets seem to be fine, and I can configure any tone I want and I don’t notice the DI signal. But as soon as I use the transpose feature, I’m playing harmonies with myself.

Has anyone had this issue and figured it out?


Hi @sketterman and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you are having issues in muting your DI signals etc. I would suggest it may be quicker to email support@neuraldsp.com than trying to figure out what and how you are configured. Otherwise, is it possible you are hearing the acoustic notes being played at the same time?

Hi MP, I took care of that just before creating this thread :slight_smile: