Creat Cab capture

Hey all!
Have some one tried to make a Capture from a Cap and a Mic by using the Capturing of the QC?
I think some thing like:
QC into a clean Power Amp into a Cab putting a mic in front. Setting the Levels >Hit the Capture button. Capture.
After that butting the Capture of the Cab in the Signal Cain as a Speaker.

Is this working or is there a other way?

Greetings from Germany

That should work as I have seen some captures in the wild like that.

Okay interesting.

Probably the QC made a better job with the Capturing then a regular IR….

In this thread about a year ago I did a little experiment with different captures. One of them included capture of just a speaker cab like you mentioned. Then I put them all together so folks could hear them. The results are still available if you wanna hear them and mess with them yourself.


Great! I will try this.
Thank you!

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