Just made a big airdrop of hard rock to metal captures. Curious your thoughts and a couple questions

Hi guys,
First post here and first time fumbling my way through the capture and upload process.
As I’ve never done this before, I’m curious what other sets of ears think of them.
If you’re into rock, hard rock or metal, you might like some of the captures.
-They’re all dialed in using V30 4x12 cabs so dial in your cabs to taste.
-Some had a boost in front of the amp during capture.
-Many of the captures from the same amp are fairly similar with only minor tweaks to eq, gain or boost etc.
-NOTE: Most of them are dialed in for recording so they may not have the low end where you like it.
The amps I captured are:
-5150 Lunchbox
-PRS MT-15
-Synergy ENGL Savage
-Synergy SLO
-Synergy HBE
-REV G3 preamp pedal

Question for you. The presets I uploaded had a couple third party IR’s. Will you “get” that IR if you download the capture or will you have to use one of your own? Not sure how that works.

Lastly, I owned a Kemper for years, and it was great for it’s time, but this QC is on a whole different level. What a great time to be a half-assed guitar player. :slight_smile:


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Looking forward to checking them out.
The IRs will not be included. You can either mention them in the description or suggest a good cab replacement, that’ll help downloaders.