Turn off the screen and smart energy saving

When QC is used as a sound card, you don’t need it to shine all the time, especially at night, therefore, a command to turn off the screen is needed, as well as several triggers will be useful to make the device more intelligent and economical. These features should be available as options in global settings.

  • A trigger that will turn off the device when the connection to the computer via USB is lost (this trigger should be set a short (customizable) delay, 1-2 minutes, in case the user wants to connect the device to another computer).
  • It will be very cool if the device can turn on when the computer turns on and the USB connection appears again.
  • When establishing a connection with a computer, the device should turn off the backlight of the screen and footswitches after n minutes (“n” is set by the user). You can return the backlight by touching the screen or footswitch of the tuner.

Turning on/off in response to usb connection/power would be incredible :100: