Screen Off / Mixer mode

Hello everyone,

I’m using my Quad Cortex also as a desk sound card. The thing with this is that the screen is always on and the device is getting pretty hot. In my opinion this doesn’t have to be the case when the screen is off. The screen generates a lot of heat in the device.

Now I’ve got 2 feature requests.

  1. Screen off mode:
  • When only using the QC as a sound card playing sound from my PC / whatever device is connected to the QC, the screen could be turned off only to wake up again when touching it. This spares the screen, and also electricity. (may it not be much, it helps something). This could be accessable via the power button.
  1. Desk Mixer mode:
  • The QC has 4 separate stereo outputs which could be used for anything, streaming included. So my idea is a mode that only shows the USB outputs on screen and there should be mixer sliders where you can manage the volume per output.

I hope there’s more people like who are looking out for a function like this.

are you using a stand to allow optimum airflow?
I’ve got mine on a stand that allows ventilation for the underside (also lets me stash other gear under the QC for optimum space-usage on desktop) and mine never gets hot.

Interesting request though, I’ll vote for it when they return votes after the resolved request batch gets processed.

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No it’s just on my desk. But the screen also doesn’t have to be on when i’m not using it as guitar amplifier for me. I’m basically only using the volume knob in this scenario.

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It would be cool if the QC implemented a “Lock Screen” mode like the Headrush MX5 or similar does. it simplifies the display and looks cleaner/neater overall.

I’d love to have this

I would also like to have this features

I agree with this.
I’d also like for it to use less power if I’m in ‘interface mode’ ./

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I agree. My QC also gets quite hot after being in use for a few hours. I think turning the screen off would be a great solution, and would look nicer too. Don’t always need to see the screen when using it as an interface or just playing at home.

Screen off option / output slider screen
Would be great!