Ideas for optimizing the screen and using it's full potential

Hi everyone,

I thought this could be a good place to gather ideas for what could further be done with the big screen the QC has. Because it is the largest screen on any modeller / guitar pedal / pedalboard, I feel like it has the potential to do much more then it does right now. Because it basically is a small tablet right there at your feet. Or hands, depending on where you use it.
Anyway, feel free to leave your ideas here as this may also result in new feature requests.
I’ll start with a few ideas of mine.

  • A customizeable window for text
    → similiar to the CPU monitor, this could be a little window you can open to write something down and then adjust it’s size and then move it around. You could for example write down your setlist. Or notes while creating a new preset.

  • Split View
    → This way you could for example use the gig view on one side and something else on the other side of the screen. For example, I/O Settings and the Grid at the same time. Or the setlist I mentioned beside the Gig View.

  • Timer / Clock
    → similar to the the device in the link. Not sure if it would be better suited as a block or a window like CPU monitor, but it sure could come in handy either way.
    Chronograph — DS Guitar Engineering

  • Shared Screen
    → so you could connect and maybe even synchronize it with a tablet / iPad. Maybe even show notes on the QC that way?

  • A customizeable window for the tuner
    → I think this is already a feature request somewhere. But I’ll mention it anyway. Like the CPU monitor, this could be a little window that you can have on all the time if you want.

  • Customizeable colours
    → As much as possible. I would for example enjoy the I/O Settings as well as the Gig View to have a black backround. But I can imagine a different colored backround for every preset could be useful. Or changing the colour of the writing or symbols. So in I/O Settings inputs and outputs could all have a different colours.

At the same time we shouldn’t forget the QC’s comparably low display resolution / pixel density. Being a floor unit, I guess it is intended to display not too many things but therefore relatively big.

The UI surely will evolve over time. Floating / freely movable text windows and screen sharing between devices would be bit to much for my taste. Any added complexity is added risk of failure during performance.

Things like an always-on mini tuner (see AxeFX III or FM3 / 9) or mini level meters for each of the output blocks would definitely be valuable little helpers.

I would argue that it is not just a floor unit. I use it as my main interface as well. So about 90% of the time I use the QC it is on my desk right in front of me.
Also I think none of my suggestions call for great resolution. I don’t expect to watch a movie on my QC :smiley:
But sharing the screen with your phone / tablet / PC could for example be used for lyrics. Or whatever really.

True. But this should be easy to avoid in the first place. For example, to access any of these suggestions could be by tapping on the 3 dots on the top right and then tap on “open split view” or “add text window”, etc. Just like you would enter the CPU monitor. Can’t see anything going wrong that way.
During performance, there is also always the possibility to lock the screen anyway.

Some sort of XY effects pad seems like a no brainer.

The ability to play snake or block breaker.

Huh, i noticed this post just after I made one in the feature request section… :grinning:
the main use of the QC is on the florr, of course, but many people use it as a desktop unit, at least when configuring presets & C…
So I think that all the operations that require press of a button (copy/delete/move/swap, etc…) could be also, or better, done via drag&drop actions on the screen.
Rotary switches are great for setting parameter values, but talking about ergonomy, UX, etc… I think that on a desk a GUI would work better.