Tuner power off


As a gigging musician I often use the tuner as a mute during setup and tear down (pre/post gig) and there’s no way to turn off the device while in this view.

I believe it’s because the tuner view is overlayed over the power options menu.

Many people have said just unplug it. My response to that is that it’s barbaric, im pretty sure continuously unplugging the device unsuspectedly is not good for the device itself. Just like a computer, to turn it off you wouldn’t just unplug it.

A simple quality of life feature which would be a great addition in the next CorOs update!

It’s been a heavily debated topic as to whether the QC can just be unplugged or the power button used and the higher ups at NDSP have stated that either is fine and it will not harm the device whatsoever. That being said, i do agree that it seems “wrong” to just pull the power when there is a perfectly usable (albeit somewhat useless) power button right there….

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Yea, it’s really just a very small quality of life feature I would like to see. I feel like it might be very niche but it’s just other modellers allow you to do this so why they didn’t think of it is just a little strange to me

I agree, it should be still possible to operate the power button when in tuner mode.

However, I don’t think, it’s barbaric to just cut the power to turn the QC off. Actually most modelers or multi-fx units exhibit switches that just cut the power. Especially floor units.

I would actually prefer a hard-wired power switch on the QC rather than the “soft” power switch to be able to physically cut the power without having to unplug it.

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