How do you set your tuner MIDI control up from your DAW?

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Thanks for the time you will allocate to this topic and for your kindness toward my question.

I received my QC last week but I’m not discover modelers/MIDI control input from a DAW (I had Fractal modelers, last known was a FM3).

With my friend I play guitar with, we have a live session that is fully controlled thanks to MIDI (coming from Cubase Pro 12).

Everything is working well (presets/scenes change) except one thing: tuner.

We use to have it ON/OFF between songs as a mute (and it allows us to tune our guitars in also during breaks).

When looking at CC #45 for tuner, values are going from 0-127, as on Fractal. In that case, with my FM3, I created an automation on its dedicated CC: 0 is OFF, 127 is on etc. So it gives me the opportunity to automate that part.

But while doing the same with the QC, it behaves funny: if we’re pressing « Pause » during the set, then the CC are inverted and the tuner stay activated when it should be OFF.

My question is: do you guys are using MIDI control to activate the tuner and if yes, how do you set your session up in order to make it works properly?

Thanks again for your time!

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I am also interested if there is a possibility to solve this problem.

Same issue. I wanted to automate my tuner as a mute/tuner throughout a song, but it ends up muting while I’m playing, and unmuting during silent sections. It’s acting more like an on/off switch and I can’t feel confident in its consistency.

Have you tried taking a look at the MIDI stream with something like MIDIOX to see what it actually getting sent to the QC?

If the MIDI stream commands look correct and the tuner state is still misfiring, you might want to contact Neural support.

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@Nathan yep that’s what happen, because it’s just a ON/OFF as soon as you start your session. So if you pause/play again then the logic isn’t followed by the QC anymore, so it turns out being a mess…

@HonestOpinion indeed, we’ve already checked this and I’ve sent an email (or maybe two, can’t remember) to Neural Support; no answer. Might deserve an improvement or a feature request…