Polyphonic tuner

It would be awesome if the qc had a polyphonic tuner option like the tc electronic polytune. I’m keeping my polytune on my board right now because it makes it faster to tune between songs when you can strum all 6 strings and see which ones are flat/sharp at the same time

Would also be nice if this could be used for alternate tunings and differing numbers of strings


Liked how this was implemented on Boss GT100 side by side with regular tuner. Disappointed not to have it on QC.

And also chromatic offset tuning to tune true temperament guitars :slight_smile:

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Configurable string count and tuning.

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This was one of the few features I was surprised the unit DIDN’T have. Would be a welcomed addition

I am debating putting a Polytune in front of the QC just for this reason, would be very nice if it was a feature in the unit!

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Came back to this thread to say I did this because I missed the polyphonic tuning so much on stage.