Tuner improvements

I’d love to see some improvements to the tuner.

  • Strobe tuner at the same time with the regular tuner.
  • Multi input option so you don’t need to select the input for tuning.
  • Button to select muted/unmuted output.
  • Show note octave.
  • Show tuning in +/- cents with 0.1 accuracy. Makes the QC more usable for setting intonation.

I removed my post, thanks Alec!

A “captured” Peterson tuner would be great. :wink:

Peterson’s offsets are documented. If you can have offsets, you can do the Peterson thing, along with BF, etc.

Yes. With +/- 0.1 cents accuracy and a strobe mode.

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I’m really diggin’ the TC UniTune clip on tuner display. Easy to read and it has just the right sensitivity.

Cheers, Todde

I’d like to see some indication of being in tune on the main screen rather than always having to switch to tuner mode.


This should be its own feature request. Imo the top of the screen (where all the top level information on a mobile phone is displayed) should be more densely populated with useful information.

I’d love to see it be able to pick up E0 on my bass - at the moment it doesn’t seem to be able to at all, my Peterson StroboStomp does it without much of a fuss. I know they’re a fairly prestigious company for tuners so it might be an unfair comparison but it would be really nice not to still have to take a separate tuner around with me.

You’re not going to be able to get anywhere as accurate to a Peterson tuner on the QC. The only reason Peterson offsets work so well is because of how accurate strobe tuners can be, which is 1/1000th of a semitone vs 1/100th of most other tuners.

The strobing is analog, even on units like the Peterson Strobostomp HD, it’s just represented on a digital display.

It the unit strobes at the frequency of the note it’s set to (A440 for example) and the note played into it strobes at its frequency (440.25 for example) that .25 cent difference is the strobe that is seen on screen. It’s so accurate because it’s instant, analog and physics based.

The tuner in the QC and any non-strobe tuner will need to analyze that note in a digital domain, which takes time, and reduces the accuracy.

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