Tuner accuracy?

I’ve always used a highly accurate Peterson tuner for live use. I would prefer to keep my pedal board extremely small and not add a tuner.

Does anyone know what the specifications ( Accuracy) of the Quad Cortex built in tuner is? Thanks


The only thing I can say about the runner is that it is able to pickup a low F# on a detuned bass

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good question… I’ve wondered myself… would want 0.5 cent accuracy at minimum.

Good question, I always use my Peterson StoboPLUS HD tuner and love it but mainly for the ‘sweetened’ tuners (e.g. Buzz Feiton etc.)

Bump. Does anyone have an answer to this Yet?

Its been 14d and no responses etc., have you reached out to Neural support via email?

No I haven’t. I would have thought they would monitor this forum somewhat. I have a feeling with no answer the specs are not as good as they could be. Hope I’m wrong but if I have to add a Peterson to my pedal board, so be it.

I don’t know which tuner you use but the StroboHD+ is small form factor and very easy to see from a few feet away. I don’t think NDSP monitors this forum unfortunately.

I have that tuner and also the new pedal board strobe tuner. Both are accurate, excellent tuners.

On-board tuner is at least as good as a TC Polytune.