Tuner problem

Really struggling with the tuner in a live situation. Although it is accurate once the note stabilizes , it is slow and jumps around erratically.

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do you pick/pluck the note once and let it ring, or continually pick? Some report better success by picking continuously, that fixes the drifting issue

There are already similar topics here in this forum and I can confirm this problem. For me it doesn’t occur all the time, but on a regular basis. Which is really strange, because one would assume it either works or doesn’t.
@xush at least for me it doesn’t help.

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Hi @stevensagogo , the tuner works best when used like a Peterson strobe tuner where the note locks while constantly plucking the string. I compare to my Peterson and it’s been dead on accurate using this method. If you still have issues, email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted.

No they won’t. Already tried that and they ignored my request. Also you can read about this from many users. I have sold my Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-300 mini when I received the QC. However because of the mentioned problems, I now have repurchased one. Having this strobo tuner right beside the QC, I can clearly see that the QC sometimes fails.

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what about dialing the tuner off of 440 then back on again? Some found that tweaking it that way seemed to “reset” its behaviour. Is this the only QC you’ve had? It’s fully updated? Support has always been pretty good about responding in my experience, might try them again just in case it got lost in the shuffle or misfiled. Most folks seem to have sorted their issues with the tuner these days. Could well be a hardware issue

I will try resetting the 440. This is my first and only QuadCortex

Anyone who is having issues with their tuners, please file support requests and send logs, that way the support team can troubleshoot and if there are any issues with the tuner the support team can escalate to the proper team to review and improve it. Thanks!