Problem with Archetype Gojira Audio Input

Hello everyone,

I just downloaded the trial version for the Archetype Gojira plugin, as I’m really considering buying it but I wanted to try it by myself first.

I installed it, activated the trial version with Ilok, however I cannot get any sound with the plugin.

I’m using a Macbook, the audio output is properly set to my Audio Interface (FocusRite Scarlett Solo), and the plugin configuration is OK I think.

I also have Archetype Plini installed on that computer, and it’s working perfectly fine. I compared the settings between the Plini and Gojira plugins, they are identical. However, I cannot get any sound from the Gojira plugin :

Any ideas on what could cause this ? Did anyone ever had such an issue ?

Thank you for your help.

And here are the Archetype Plini Settings

Make sure the app has access to the microphone by following these settings Known Issues

If the issue persists, please reach our support team at