Trial install of Nolly not working in stand alone or vst

running windows 10. after install i launch the exe (stand alone) and it shows running in my task manager but nothing shows up. Vst dose not show in ableton either. I uninstalled it twice and still the same issue

Hello @paul.houwen. You need to activate the Trial before using it. Be sure to follow this guide:

  • Please make sure you have the latest iLok License Manager application installed and running (!license-manager)
  • Download the Plugin Installer from here:
  • Right after the setup, you will see an activation window. If not, please run the plugin and click on the " Try " button
  • If you don’t have an iLok account, you can create one right here:!registration
  • Rescan your plugins within your DAW and restart your DAW
  • Also, you can run the standalone as well ( If you run it on windows, you can find the executable in C:/ Program Files / Neural DSP //. If you run it on Mac, you can find the app under the Applications folder ).