Can't find Nolly vst on Live 9 (standalone works)


I already tried without any issue the trials of Abasi, Plini and Fortin, and wanted to try the Nolly before I choose and buy one of them.

I tried several times to install Nolly without success.
The deskop shortcut is wrong : it aims “C:\Program Files\Neural DSP\Archetype Nolly.EXE”, but nothing like that in this folder.
The standalone version is working well, i activated the ilok with it.
Can’t find the vst in my Live 9 plugin library (no problem with Abasi, Plini and Fortin).

I’m on Win 7 64bits with Live 9.1.6.

Thanks for your help !


Hi @ronpopopom. Did you try re-scanning your Plugins?

Thank you, it’s working now !

What does the alt key doing more ?

@ronpopopom I’m glad it’s working! According to this, the Alt key forces a full rescan of all the installed Plugins.

Okay good to know!

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