Nolly not showing in Ableton Live 11.3

I have four plugins. All are activated and the stand alone version run perfect. When I open Ableton and scan for plugins (using option-‘click rescan’). It finds only 3 plugins and leaves Nolly off my list. I verified that my VST3 folder contains all four plugins. I’ve uninstalled the Nolly plugins about 5-6 times. I’ve even done a full uninstall of Ableton Live. Each time I rescan, Nolly is always left off the list.

My head hurts from banging it against the wall. Please help if you have ANY ideas how to get the plugin working. I’m running a brand new MacBook Pro (OS: Ventura 13.4)

I would reach out via email to as it might be ILOK related etc.

I have… no answers just yet. Just weird that it would work on the other 3 and not this one.

Understand, I haven’t seen this issue occur as of yet but support will definitely get you sorted quickly.

Update. Neural fixed the issue. They just released Nolly 2.0 this morning that provides an update to support Apple silicone-based processors. Everything works great now.

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Awesome, thanks for the update!