Not running after installation

Hello, I’m a beginner. (I am a foreigner and my English is not good)

I would like to try the trial of the plugins and buy what I like.

I already have my instrument and audio interface ready. Windows 10 is in use.

After installing and executing the latest version of Ilok, I connected Ilok’s account with Neural’s account.

And i have installed a trial version of the plug-in, but i can’t scan both standalone and VST. Nothing is happening.

I compared it with the installation guide video on YouTube, but final activation pop-up didn’t appear to me right after the installation.

What should I check? I ask for your help.

Thank you.

Open the Ilok app and log in. Do you see any mention of the Neural plugin?

Yeap… it is all blank

Hi @rocknroll5 and welcome to the community. There could be multiple reasons what you are unable to get your plugin working and probably best to contact NDSP support ( and they will be able to get you sorted quickly.