Attempted to start the trial too many times Tim Henson

Does anyone else get an error saying that they attempted to start the trial too many times even though they never used it before? I am trying to use the trial for the new Tim Henson Neural DSP amp but it just gives me this error every time. I haven’t been able to try it out yet because that message just pops up every day. Anybody figure this out, yet? You can even see in my ilok it says I haven’t activated it once yet, what’s the deal? Been dying to try this out before I decide if it’s worth the buy.

Hey @musicasedtech. Please try this:

  • Open iLok License Manager and Log in with your iLok account
  • Go to the “Available” tab (view > available licenses)
  • Right-click on the trial license and select “Activate”

If that doesn’t work, send us a ticket to to check what’s going on.

Hi, when I try this it asks for an ilok usb, which I do not have since I am only trying to use a trial.

That usually happens when there’s a trial already expired on that same location. In this case, the previous trial was activated using musicased as the iLok user ID.

Just deposited a trial extension in musicasedtech. Please try with that one.

I gotcha, I had the same issue on my first account so I made a new one in an attempt to get it to work, and it just did the same thing. But thank you for your help, it works now! I really appreciate it a ton.

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