Tremolo Block - Stereo? Settings? Waveforms?

Hi everyone,

3 more questions - here about one of my favorite effects → tremolo - before I buy a Quad Cortex…

Is the Tremolo Block stereo? Which settings are there exactly and which waveforms can be selected? Maybe someone likes to send me screenshots of the settings? I couldn’t find anything about it in the manual or on the internet…

Thank you for your support!


One the QC, there is a modulation block and Tremolo is an available FX within the modulations.
Tremolo is a mono effect and the controls are as shown below in my screen shots. Hope that helps!

Sorry about the picture quality, bright lights in the studio and all I see are fingerprints lol
I addition, the available waveforms are Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw Up and Saw Down. Sync Note goes from 1/31 to 1/1D.

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