Harmonic Tremolo

While it has been requested in at least 3 laundry list posts so far, I wanted to make sure Harmonic Tremolo received its own top level request.

This is an effect that has seen some new life and interest in the real pedal world over the past several years. It may just be the perfect modulation effect for creating subtle movement.

Save me from my own GAS as I’ve already got my eyes on a Harmonious Monk or CB Gravitas.

Sounds cool! Personally I would rather see all the missing content/features before any new effects or features are added but I gave it a vote anyways! :grinning:

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Update: just tried and I can’t make it work this way

I think you can create a harmonic tremolo effect by using a crossover split and 2 tremolo blocks for the high ond low portions of the signal and playing with the phasing. But I agree having it in a block would be nice

I forgot about the crossover mode of the splitter! I’m not near my QC to try it right now. What didn’t work?

In theory that should do it so long as you keep the two Trem blocks at the same rate and invert the phase on the mixer. Crank up the depth on both.

My understanding is that the phasing of the 2 tremolos need to be inverted (one going down when the other is going up). I couldn’t find a way to do this

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Isn’t that what the Phase switch does on the mixer where the second tremolo rejoins the main path?

The phase switch will affect the phase of the sound signal itself, but not the phase of the tremolo amplitude

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It would be nice, I voted for it, but it would be better in my opinion to have a better bias Trem, than the actual one. I mean, it’s usable, but it needs something more.
Revival Trem, for example, is a perfect Trem to emulate for this.

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@riko77 I end up having a go at creating a harmonic tremolo effect. Have a look a this preset and see what you think
Harmonic trem

I would line an old style optical tremolo

Agree 100%… specifically from the 61 Fender Brownface