Tempo Synched Tremolo

I might have missed it, but adding tap tempo to the tremolo (similar to JHS Kodiak) would be very helpful. If it’s already there and I missed it, sorry!

As far as i can tell, NO modulation FX are currently able to be synced to Tap Tempo… this is a real oversight in my opinion… pretty much every multi-fx on the planet is capable of this, why it didn’t make it in to the first release is beyond my comprehension! :confused:


I am with you. Tried other day to get Boulevard of Broken dreams intro…
Wait a min. No tremolo sync? :frowning:

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Yikes. I didn’t know this wasn’t possible. I’m almost positive it’s going to be in (tentatively) next week’s update.

There is a perfectly working tempo-sync solution for the Axe-Fx (using the Envelope Follower), but I also learned the other day that this is not possible with QC and also hope that there will be a solution :slight_smile:

Really, everything by default syncs to the tempo if you choose a note value instead of a particular ms value; you don’t even need to get all fancy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, you’re right. On the Axe-Fx III it’s synced to the tempo. But on the Axe-Fx II it’s not. I just tested it :wink:

I used the AxeFX2 for about 2 years exclusively and can guarantee that all mod fx were tempo syncable…

This from the manual >>>
EFF TYPE – Effect Type chooses between Tremolo and Panner.
RATE – Controls the speed of the tremolo or panner effect. Set fully counterclockwise to sync the chorus LFO

to global LFO1. When RATE is shown in parenthesis, it is being set automatically by the TEMPO parameter (see below). Set the TEMPO to “NONE” for manual control.
DEPTH / WIDTH – Sets the intensity of the modulation. When WIDTH is set to more than 100%, the Panner uses psychoacoustic effects to pan beyond the boundaries of the normal stereo image.

TEMPO – Locks the rate to the global tempo. For example, if the global tempo is 120 BPM, and TEMPO is set to a “1/4,” the LFO rate will be 2 Hz (120 BPM / 60 seconds = 2). To ignore the global tempo, set the tempo control to NONE.
LFO TYPE – Selects the “shape” of the LFO waveform. Try experimenting with the Log or Exp waveforms.

DUTY – This varies the duty cycle—or “symmetry”—of the Triangle, Square, and Trapezoid waveforms.
LFO PHASE – Adjusts the phase angle of the LFO’s right waveform. With extreme settings, the Tremolo turns

into a Panner and the Panner turns into a Tremolo!
See section 16.7 on p. 174 for more information on LFO waveform shapes, duty, and phase.
START PHASE – In tremolo mode, determines where the LFO will start at the moment the block is engaged. PAN CENTER – In panner mode, this shifts the apparent center of the stereo image.

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Got my QC last week and I’m loving it, but was very surprised and a bit disappointed that this basic feature is not implemented in all modulation effects. I’m coming from AxeFX II where you have the ultimate control over pretty much everything. I realise it’s early days for QC so I’m fully expecting this to be included, but really hope it’s soon.

I hope so too… for me, it defies belief that it hasn’t been implemented… it’s a fundamental function, maybe they don’t have the expertise to implement it, i can’t think of any other reason why it wasn’t standard from launch… 🤷🏻

I have not found it, but is there a way to pan the tremolo left to right to create a swirling stereo effect?

At work right now, but I believe it’s the Width parameter that will achieve this.

I come from a Helix. This was a standard thing with all modulations. I can’t believe this is not implemented in the QC. I can’t also believe that the QC already had a couple of updates and still nothing. I really love this unit but this is a basic that should be added as soon as possible.

New to QC. A little dismayed to learn that Tap Tempo is not standard for all modulation effects. Every other unit out there offers this feature for syncing.

Need to say this was a little frustrating, looking forward to this on a later update

Closing and returning votes. Tempo sync was added to all Modulation devices in CorOS 1.3.0.