Too much bass for overdriven sounds

Hi guys! I have a problem trying to get some nice overdriven sounds. So when I’m trying to step into the edge of breakup / low gain territory i.e. pushing the amp gain (let’s say the clean machine) past 12’o clock, the tones are almost unusable because is too much bass present. What helps apparently, for cleaning up the signal is reducing the app input and increasing the app output, but I’m losing the amp gain that way and it doesn’t sound good adding an overdrive pedal on top …

My chain is: Schecter Nick Johnston (3 x single coils) / Apogee Jam+ / MacBook Pro 2018.

Try something along these lines:

10x man! I found something similar that works!

I’ve watched Tom Quayle’s demo and tried to match the sound in his preset uLTRA cLEAN, but in my case everything has too much gain and bass, and I had to reduce the plugin input a lot (from 12 o’clock to 8-9 o’clock). And it’s not about that preset in particular, I’m experiencing that issues with all presets, which makes me think could be my audio interface (Apogee Jam+). Does anyone experienced similar issues?

Not experiencing similar issues, but if its dull on top, which might be described as bassy in some cases, make sure your interface input spec is about 1 meg ohm. If not, I’d buy a stompbox buffer to use as a preamp, or if you have any stompboxes that don’t use true bypass (like all the BOSS pedals), that can also work as a buffer when switched to “not effect”.

As for the input levels, the interfaces are a wildcard, so I’d say just use the plugin input level adjustment and let your ear tell you whats “right”. The big problem with presets in general is that they depend on both guitar and interface, so IMO rarely is anything going to sound right without some significant tweaking.

I think all of my pedals are true bypass… MXR M300 reverb, Maxon OD9 (Analog Man Silvermod - ironic :slight_smile: ), OKKO Diablo Dual, Timmy and a Ditto looper Mini

Yes, I can describe the issue like you put it, meaning there’s something wrong in the top end, lo-fi and harsh which seems to make everything with overdrive unusable and way too much bass.

But I’ve just purchased a Motu M2 interface yesterday to compare it with the Jam+ and the result it’s even worst. The lo-fi effect is more present with more bass which makes me think there could be a MacBook Pro bus power problem.

I’ve also made a test with GarageBand Amps but everything looks ok there.

Also probably worth adding that the compressor is pretty bass heavy no matter the tone knob…and of course the nine band EQ is there if you need it.

Yes, also the Big Rig Overdrive adds a lot of bass.
But meanwhile, after switching cables and hardware, I’ve noticed that there is a problem with the guitar output which is very low. I tried the new Boss GT1000-Core few days ago and I had to set the input level at max 20db which is the max value. Is the same issue with the Apogee Jam+ where I can’t push it close to the clipping zone even when the input level is at max. So that may be the actual problem…

I use an AXE I/O from IK. Works like a charm. As for the plugin, I am used to over-bassy amps (i.e. any pre-1980 Fender). I use both the Clean Machine and the Snob to create Jerry Garcia-like tones and as Jerry did, I roll off the base to 2.5 or less and use the mid to apply ‘base’ tones. I also drop the highest and lowest freqs to -9 on the EQ.

Bear in mind that if you are driving the input of the amp versus the plugin input, you will not get much control over the tone knobs. I would try to balance the 2 input stages (plugin & amp) and drive the loudness by the plugin output & interface output.

With the base roll off, I can get pristine high tones that cascade with the dual delay, but I am also not playing metal or heavy based guitar riffies so this may not help as much as I would like it too.

Have you tried changing the mic placement/ type? I have a bunch of my favorite IR’s that I use. Especially important for that edged tone

Definitely in my case it is a gain problem. Mainly because there is no ground available in my outlets I think. But I noticed that if I’m using the headphones output in my MacBook instead (not the one in the Apogee) there is an improvement. Still not a very good tone but the excessive bassy gain is reduced.

Yes, I did that some time ago but with no success. I found some IR’s from Ownhammer on my external drive (OH 410 SPRVRB) and I should also try with those.