Question: So, with my interface all the way down. .

So, with the new realization that we should have our interface input all the way down (not almost to clipping like we’ve done for ages), do you find that you have to turn the input up on the Neural plugin like 20-24dB? I’m using a UA Apollo Twin interface.

For instance, on my Cory Wong plugin, to get the ‘juice’ going into the amp sim, I now turn up my plugin input almost all the way. Is that wrong? I guess I’m not hearing much of a difference between feeding the input at the interface vs the plugin.

Please help me understand this better. I’m not saying Rabea is wrong, but it seems like we are just boosting the input in a different place.

IIRC the plugin input control is for edge cases like weird old synths and the like. So no, you probably shouldn’t be using that at all for guitar, because yeah - boosting at the interface or at plugin input will have the same effect, and affect how the amp sim responds.

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I am a heavy Cory user and I usually have my input on my interface at lowest and I compensate with the input in the amp sim GUI and use the output in the sim to control and manage gain staging in DAW.

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That helps. Thanks.