Clean sounds from amp 1 not really clean?

Hey guys,
I hope you’re all safe and sound?
I’m using the SSL2 + interface on ch1 with Line and HI-Z buttons engaged, 4k not engaged with the gain level at 10’o’clock into a MBP 2020 16 GB RAM i5Core 10th generation
Just downloaded the latest version of Nolly and was a bit disappointed, that the clean sound from amp 1 is not really clean right out of the box. That’s why I decided to lower the input gain and increase the output…which is weird, because the Plini clean amp has the cleanest sound. Ok, most of you will argue, that this plugin is not really meant for clean sounds, but I when I tested it a week ago, this amp sdounded a lot cleaner…anyone else having these issues?

are any of the FX pedals engaged?

could you link a WAV of the “not really clean” sound you are getting with those settings? i get a really nice clean sound with gain at 9 o’clock and everything else around noon.