Tone King II - Expression pedal latency


I’m almost done with my setup and Tone King II, in Logic or Mainstage, I can control everything I need except wah and (not as bad) volume because of a very important latency.
Not sure this is related to NDSP plugin, does anyone experienced the same behavior ?

For info, I have a MacBook Pro 15 and I use an M-Audio Ex-P plugged into an Airstep smart multi controller.

I confirm this latency issue has nothing to do with Tone King II.

For info if someone is having this problem, on Mac Bluetooth communications are not a priority. I had to buy a CME widi uHost, turn off Bluetooth on the Mac and connect my midi controller with the expression pedal to uHost (connected to the Mac with usb-c).
Now, I can feel no latency at all and can control TKII whah with my foot.

There may be other workaround but if you are using midi over Bluetooth on a Mac, NDSP is not the issue.