Toggle Midi PC/Global Midi Out

Hi there

Im sorry if it has been answered already.
So i have a qc and an H9 and in hybrid mode i want to load presets 1-4 on H9 with buttons E F G H on QC.
I have 2 questions.

  1. I found a way to activate e.g. preset 1 of H9 with the button E. How can i deactivate it pressing E again?
  2. is there any way that the midi settings above are global? I want to configure them one time and have them work for every preset.

Sorry if I wasted your time.


MIDI messages are configured by patch, not global. You can create a patch template that has the MIDI configurations you want, and then copy that template to create new presets.

Activating and deactivating with MIDI can be tricky. How it works depends on what the H9 is expecting, or can be configured to expect. Sometimes The block will be activated/deactivated with CC absolute, i.e. you send 127 to turn it on and 0 to turn it off. Sometimes it’s it will CC toggle the state on each CC with a value of 127.

MorningStar MC8 is a comprehensive, fully configurable MIDI solution for almost anything. I highly recommend it as a companion to QC.