Logic X Crashing with Archetype Plini


Arechtype Plini keeps crashing my Logix C project. It works sometimes but not at other times. Very frustrating. Its well within the capabilities of my system. Logic just simply closes every 5 or 6 guitar takes. It means I can get through a project but only nafter constantly reopening Logic.

Logic X sorry. Its incredibly annoying. Any help woudl be most useful.

Hi @johnbaileymusic. Is the CPU consumption particularly high? Use the meter inside Logic Pro to measure it.

I want to take advantage of this post to mention that in my case it happens to me (in logic pro x) that when exporting a project it crashes and I spent a long time without knowing what it could be. I discovered that if in any plugin instance that has the reverb activated, every time I load the project, the preset returns to its initial state, even though the controls are altered (in the reverb) so I have to modify any value of the reverb (like the mix knob and return it to the value that I want) and so I can export without crashing. I don’t know if it happens to someone else but I share in case it works for them. Are there any bugs that can be solved in an update?

Hi @rodrigo.santolaria. What version of Archetype: Plini are you using?

I’ve just realized that this is the wrong thread my bad. I meant the archetype NOLLY. I misread sorry. Anyway if it is useful, i have those issues i mentioned with the 1.0.1 Nolly version!

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