Hi guys, i dont know if this was already requested, but i think preset templates would be quite cool in a quicker preset building kind of way.

It could work a little bit like cubase, where you would be asked when creating if you want it blanc, or based on a template made by you.

In cubase i have a project template that already has a lot of the vst chosen, and i find that it helps a lot doing things quicker.

Couldn’t you just make a preset as a template and then copy it when you want to create something similar?

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I have never seen preset templates on any modeler. Typically you have factory presets and that’s it.

However, it would be nice to be able to save and recall different configurations for effect types. But I think there is already a feature request for that somewhere.

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Sure, but that takes a lot more time.
If its to time expensive to neural to do this i dont tink they d need, but if simple it would be a quitenpratical adittion. To have templates for bass vocal guitar etc

Unless the present functionality changes radically, you wouldn’t be able to upload or share any presets you created from templates, you have to create them from scratch.

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This basically is templating. You’d be creating your own templates anyway, or copying someone else’s (or factory ones) but the current implementation of that runs into issues as @xush2 stated with ownership.

I am hoping that bit gets sorted out with a marketplace and proper attribution (allow me to upload/share, just preserve the attribution chain so the root creator doesn’t get lost or has the ability to determine if re-shares are ok, or whatever)

But regardless - make a few base presets - drives, amps, FX you typically like to start with, in a routing config you like to use, and save them off into their on bank/setlist and then just copy them out as needed


oh ok, that would be a problem :confused: