Save/load parameter presets for EQ, reverbs, delay and more!

Would be great to recall from a bank of user parameter presets. For example, I’d love to load up an EQ block and scroll/select through some presets that I’ve already made like “Phone Filter” or “Boost 250hz”, “60hz Notch”, etc. Would welcome factory presets as well, why not! Could even have ‘celebrity guitarists/guest’ presets akin to Waves CLA et al. Maybe when the reverbs improve… :sweat_smile:

I could see how parameter presets wouldn’t make sense on the Amp/Capture/Cab blocks, but on Overdrive, Delay, Reverb, Compressor, Pitch, Modulation, FIlter, EQ, Wah, and even Utility it would be super useful.

The ‘save as default’ feature is cool, but locks you into just one ‘parameter preset’ if you will, and constantly overrides your last tweaks. The current work around I do is to have a Preset saved with a bunch of commonly used effects, all with different parameters (so lets say 3 EQ’s representing the examples I said above) and when I need to recall one I click on the respective Block, Save as default, THEN go to the actual Preset I’m working on and load an EQ anew. Kind of a makeshift clipboard, and way too many steps, but is really the only option for this kinda thing.

I’m running my entire band on the QC (2 Gtrs + 1 Bass) so even thought this process is laborious, it still saves me loads of time when programming song to song. Also, because the songs call for so many different things it’s not really a time saver to just copy a Preset.