Create presets of individual blocks

It would be amazing to be able to create different presets of things like delays/reverbs and even different settings of captures and amps to recall later. For example, if I wanted to create a preset of a slap delay using the tape delay plugin. Also for amps it would great to be able to save multiple presets of the same amp with different settings like say “clean, crunch, and lead”

You mean templates that you can use later when building new presets?

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I mean like presets in a plug-in for a DAW. Maybe they even come with factory presets like for example for tape delay there could be “slap, 1/8th note delay, etc.” and you could also save your own presets for later like in a plug-in

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Oh, you mean presets for individual blocks, sorry, should have read the whole heading. That would indeed be amazing!

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Several pedalboards have this.
This is a fundamental function to have

On some devices these are called “variants” or “block presets”. I suggest this feature to be also available for global output settings.
e.g. gains levels for inputs/outputs and when possible, a global Eq, so I can just change the preset from “studio” to “rehearsal” to “gig” and adapt to the different FOH / output gear.

Yeah I discovered this forum trying to save a preset. Definitely would be useful, I’ve been adding Parametric EQ’s to Captures set to similar frequencies and need a way to store those to be able to add them into new sounds when I load the Capture.

This would be a time saver :innocent:

Totally - I can’t think of a single modeler or vst that doesn’t allow this. Based on the way data is stored it might not be that simple to implement but I almost can’t believe this functionality doesn’t exist from day zero

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At the moment I think it’s only possible to save 1 default setting of each delay or reverb or drive etc. Would be great to be able to save a few!

I had the same idea. It would help a lot!

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Thanks for this thread. I have recently found the need for this. This would be great for setting up an amp or EQ for different guitars, etc.

It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to add this feature. Just allow a pull down with choices that have been saved.

headrush has a lot to learn

New QC user here and was surprised this isn’t in as yet. Adding another vote.

There are two types of blocks that I hope become standard fare on modelers. One is the “User Block”, where any block can be saved with the user’s favorite parameter settings, and a custom name as proposed by the OP.

The other type of block would be something like a “Global User Block”, similar to the “User Block”, you would be able to save your own custom settings and name, but additionally, any time this block’s parameters were modified, all the presets that contained the “Global User Block” would automatically inherit the changes. The global version should definitely prompt the user before allowing a save as it will modify any previously designed presets that contain the ‘global’ block.

These two types of blocks must add a certain level of complexity to the programming (as well as some additional memory/storage requirements) because they tend to show up later in many modelers’ evolutions, if at all.

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Great solution!

Yes please for EQ.

Was just thinking of this when cycling through delays. +1

I would like to see the ability to save preset settings for different effects and name them. They should also of course be shareable. For example, You could save multiple presets of the different drive levels of the same OD pedal and be able to recall them easily. Or, for a delay, you can have a favorite preset at dotted 8th, 1/4 , fixed time, etc

Yes have the possibility to save presets and also a list of settings for each effects (specially the more optional ones like minivoicer, delay, reverb, modulation etc is very a must have cause you can easily lose yourself by tweaking (especially when you don’t understand) and it’s far more time saver to have the possibility to begin with more choice to go wher you want to.