Instrument global preset

Hi, I’m a new user and loving this as my last multi effects are about 25 years old or more. Is there a way to set up a chain for another instrument (vocal) independent of the guitar presets. I sing and play guitar and don’t want to have to have a separate vocal chain of effects duplicated on each preset. Would be great if you could set this up once and it then worked across all the guitar presets. Hope that makes sense Thanks. David

Don’t think you can do what you are proposing, hence I understand the feature request, but it is simple enough to set up a preset that acts as a template with your vocal’s signal chain. Then just copy over the template as the launching pad for new presets.

You can also set defaults for FX blocks which might save you some time if you, for example, wanted to keep some blocks handy that you have dialed in for delay or reverb specifically geared toward your vocal sound.

Thanks that’s super helpful. Templates is a great idea as well as the other suggestions.

Possibly if it was a new feature it could be an option at set up as most people wouldn’t want this but I imagine a few would since the vocal effect doesn’t change that much.

Another way to do it could be done as a feature might be a reference to include another chain im a preset somewhere else to save on duplication.

Thanks again.