Tap XP meter to go straight to settings

Once an XP is assigned to parameters in a preset, would be nice to be able to tap the XP meter to bring up it’s current settings menu. Presently, you have to go through the whole assignment process from the beginning which involves several steps. If it could go straight to the settings menu once it’s assigned it’d be SO MUCH EASIER to unassign it, or to tweak settings.

100% agree and it bugs me every time I build a new patch. The fact that you can’t access the XP settings without going through the “assign XP” settings is more than annoying. It means you can’t see what the XP has been assigned to without going through every device and excuting the “assign XP”

We definitely need a patch level menu for “XP assignments” which would show (and allow direct access to changing) what devices and parameters each XP is assigned to.