Tap Tempo Transparency Fixed?

Played a gig this weekend and while using the tap tempo I didn’t notice any warbling. I’m on 2.1.1 and I was using the Analog Delay. Did Neural quietly fix this?

there’s presently a bug involving the tempo sync on certain delays that NDSP is working on fixing.
Is it possible that the delay just wasn’t synching? Even if it was, it’s possible that it had to do with this bug.

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I believe 2.1.1 fixed the delay sync bug. Plus my delays were syncing.

I just updated to 2.1.1 and tested. Both Analog Delays still create the realistic pitch-warble when changing tempo. The Stereo version wasn’t synching pre- 2.1.1 but it is after the update.
Some are still reporting problems with delays not synching after taking the 2.1.1 so it is possible there are still some glitches, but I can confirm that 2.1.1 didn’t change the TTT behavior

If it’s a fast delay with a high mix and low repeats setting, the warble isn’t as obvious, but it’s definitely there

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The sync issue seems to affect the Tape Delay (M) only in scene mode.

To reproduce the issue:

  1. open a new empty preset, put a Tape Delay (M) on the grid and set Sync to on
  2. change the preset tempo from 120 bpm (default) to any other value (the delay will sync correctly to the new value)
  3. switch to scene B (the delay will sync back to the default value)

Ok I’ll try it again when I get home. I haven’t played it since the gig.

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