MIDI Clock In issue (External Tap Tempo Preset Changes)

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if this has been covered as I can’t really find anything on it.

When i’m receiving MIDI clock (Tap Tempo) into the QC, as I change a preset on my external controller (or tap), the QC has a weird few seconds of phasing as it tries to catch up to the updated BPM. (with delay engaged of course)

Is there anyway to minimise this from happening? or may I be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Can you share an audio clip of what you’re hearing?

Here it is.

Okay, so that’s just typical behavior for a lot of delays, especially analog delays. If you change the tempo while playing, you’ll hear warbling as it tries to catch up. If the new tempo is faster, it’ll sound higher in pitch, and lower if the tempo is slowed down.

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You can vote here if you’d like the option to turn that effect off, as you can on other modelers


ahh i just tested it. thanks for clarifying. It would be cool if there was an option to switch that off - just voted for that feature.