Talk box sim pedal

It would be great yo have a Talk box sim pedal. I have a zoom g50 pedal that i use exclusively for that effect and would like to get rid of It.
Im sure many people would love too.!

hadn’t thought about automating a talkbox as opposed to a wah, but it’s a cool idea. Do you have to specify the vowel or can you have multiple in the same setting?

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Yep, that would be great!

You got my vote! Was about to propose this myself. But it’s important that the talkbox effect is done well enough to be usable. Helix has one that is totally unusable. Fractal has a usable one.

Important things:

  • Be able to control the effect with expression pedal (not possible in Helix). So you can imitate the way you would use your mouth on a real talk box to make the sounds instead of a fixed rhythm pattern like Helix (no one uses it like that Line 6??)

  • Be able to choose the vowel path. Line 6 is very limited in this. Fractal allows you to choose three vowel formats in any order you like and that will be your effect fro expression pedal from heel to toe. This is the way.

If this gets implemented, I will be using it on every cover gig for those Livin on a prayer rhythms, some solos and what not! Awesome effect


Since it allows guitar and a mic input you would think they could add that feature and link both inputs and act like a standard talk box.


Except talk boxes don’t work that way.

On the topic of the OP though, the Love Meat can get extremely vocal if you set it correctly. Not quite the same as a talk box, but max out the Color and Intensity settings and see what you can come up with.


The original talk boxes do not, correct. I have a modern one though that lets you plug in your guitar and mic into it to recreate the effect. That’s the pedal I was referring too.

A formant filter (vowel filter) like on Fractal units would be great. I would love to have one to use with my guitar synth. This is one of the few “weird” effects I miss from my Axe-Fx.

A formant filter can be much more than just a cheesy talkbox style effect. You can use it to filter reverbs or delays or whatever signal to create interesting textures.

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i would be very VERY in favor of this. Seems like the most intuitive optionand being able to use a mic would let us talk like a normal talkbox instead of using an expression pedal
would be a big up from neural over the other companies

I came here to suggest the same but I did a search first and found this.

My thoughts exactly: if QC can handle a mic input why not have a block for a talk box emulation - kinda like the TC Helicon Talk Box Synth:

This pedal don’t need a hose for the talk box effect, just a mic.

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