FX loop on Love Meat: super niche request, might be impossible

I LOVE that there is a Meatball filter on the QC. It’s one of my favorite filter pedals and I actually have made several from scratch (even etched the circuit boards myself) although I’ve never owned an actual original.

What I do know about them is that they have an FX loop in them. Most commonly you would put a fuzz into the loop but other things can go in there. Essentially the filter is controlled by your input signal, but the color of the filter includes whatever is in the effects loop, and can make some incredible synthy sounds with fuzz, or do curious things with reverb or delay.

Anyway, I don’t even know how it’d be implemented, but having an effects loop feature on this pedal emulation (and maybe some few other pedals might originally have this feature) would be really cool. I guess you could include something on a page of the effect unit to include another pedal inside the effect block. Complicated? Overkill? maybe. But authentic.

I like the idea. It’s very similar to a request for adding effects to delay repeats, which is essentially asking for an internal FX loop: