Expand Minivoicer with more advanced features

Would love for the Minivoicer to have features like the possibility to avoid certain notes in a scale, and be able to choose if it should go up or down if you play a note outside of the scale.

Totally agree - the minivoicer is pretty unusable in my opinion until you can use custom scales.

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need “MegaVoicer”


As I’ve stated in a couple threads, my minivoicer wishlist is:

  • Custom scales: for all chromatic pitches set an “in” note and a corresponding “out” note for each voice.
  • MIDI Channel specific blocks: with QC set to “Omni” allow a minivoicer block to listen to only one channel. This way, two simultaneous blocks set to different channels can receive separate pitch data, increasing the possible harmonies to more than 2 when using MIDI.
  • Pipe dream: harmonizer based on incoming pitch data, like the TC Helicon line of voice products.