Switching preset with different stack problem

Hi, everyone.
I’ve set up my POD HD500X as midi controller for Nolly plugin.
And currently I use it to switch presets back and forth.
But when I switch presets that use different stacks (cab, head) I experience very annoying and frustrating latency.
Seems like software need some time to initialize another cab/head.
Everything works light speed fast when I switch between presets that are kind of variations of each other that use similar cab/head.
This issue makes it unusable while playing live.
Anyone experienced the same issue?
Maybe there is some workaround for that.


Hello @andrii.ilin. Please contact support@neuraldsp.com explaining the issue. If you could attach your system specs and a video showing the problem it would be great.

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I had a similar issue using Line6 FBV Express with Reaper to switch presets. I found the problem went away if I used the VST3 plugin instead. Hopefully that helps anyone else coming across this post!

Hi! I’m trying to use my POD HD500X as a midi controller for the Archetype Nolly but I’m kinda lost. Can you guide me through the process?