Quickly Switching Presets


Is there a quick way to switch presets aside from using a foot controller? I was hoping I could use keyboard short cuts to swap between four or five presets but couldn’t find anything. Is there a quick way to set this up and do it or do I need a Midi foot controller?

Not sure if it matters but I am using Studio One with the plugins.

Thank you!


Hi @travis.laack. I just replied to your email.

I’m copying the reply here in case someone else needs it:

I hope it helps!

One thing I forgot: In Studio One, you can add your regular keyboard as a controller (Studio One > Options > External Devices > Add… > PreSonus > Qwert Keyboard).

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Thank you! I got it to work using the second method but actually remembered I had a MKMini keyboard and used the drum pad for it. Worked well with Plini and Nameless but for some reason I cannot send the Instrument to Nolly nor can I select the learn Midi in the Nolly amp like I can in Plini and Nameless. I am using the VST2 for each of them. Any idea what it could be?

Also, what is the difference between a VST2 and 3? I figured 3 must be better so I have used them by default…

Thank you! I did reply in that thread with a few more questions.



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@travis.laack No problem!

Archetype: Nolly doesn’t feature MIDI support yet, but it will soon.

Good to know. When it does get that support how will I know? Do the plugins auto update or do I need to DL them again and reinstall?

Thank you!

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When the new version is released, you will have to download it from here: https://neuraldsp.com/downloads/