Neural DSP MIDI Thread

On this topic we could share our experiences using Neural DSP Plugins with MIDI in rehearsals, Live etc.

Have you used MIDI controllers so far? What midi controller do you have?

I’m toying on idea of using bluetooth midi pedal in some point if only switching latency doesn’t come a problem.

I do hope, that Neural DSP can include Preset changes in midi commands as well.


What’s up man!
I am currently using the “Rocktron Midi Mate” to control Nolly’s dsp. The truth is that I don’t see latency between the controller and the plugin.
On the other hand, I would love to make an update in which you can change preset, not just turn on or off pedals.
The truth is that we are already many people who are asking for it, so let’s see if they read us ;DD

Fingers crossed for update to switch presets using midi. :blush:

NDSP has already announced they are working on adding the midi functionality to Nolly and Plini. If it’s the same as NTS and Nameless (which is likely), you’re getting exactly what you asked for. A surprise to me was that switching presets is seamless…no gap at all.

i wonder if the archetypes are going to have reverb/delay tails

This IK Multimedia Midi Footcontroller/interface looks exactly what would be a perfect option for Neural DSP Plugins. But I am not sure if it works…

Hey, im currently trying to get my midi mate to work with nolly switching presets. I was able to get it to kinda work in controller mode using the top buttons. Sadly i have to press them 2-4 time to get it to switch once learned. What was your method to get it to work?

I don’t have experiences using midipedals with Neural DSP Plugins so far and I actually burried the plan of using one.

I decided to try automating the midi program changes using Reaper DAW and sending click track to our drummer. We will see how it works for us in the next rehearsals.

Programming the DAW to do midi (preset) changes was really easy, but I had problems at first 'cause I didn’t know, that VST3 wouldn’t support this. I strugled with this problem for two days… Everything were setup as it should, so the midi changes would work. But because I had VST3 version selected they didn’t. At last I tried the AU version of the Neural DSP Plugin and now the Midi commands are working perfectly.

So this is how I do it:

  1. Make a track for Neural DSP Plugin
  2. Make a track for MIDI and make it as a subtrack for the Neural DSP Plugin track.
  3. Make a New Send from the midi track to Neural DSP track.
  4. Set Program Change commands as you like inside the Neural DSP Plugin. (I use preset changes)
  5. Insert a new MIDI item to the MIDI track.
  6. Double Click the midi item and a window pops up. From the down left corner: set “Bank/Program Select” setup selected.
  7. Add your midi commands by double clicking the timeline grid inside the midi item and make sure they correspond what you have entered inside the Neural DSP plugin.
  8. After this hit Play and check, that the midi commands work.

By typing this guide, it may look like a lot of work. But in real life this is pretty fast and easy job to do.


The Automatic Midi Changes worked like a dream at the rehearsals and I loved the freedom, that I didn’t have to use a pedalboar for changing my tone.


My bandmates didn’t like playing to a click too much… So this was only a short period of happiness in my end.

I found a cool looking midi foot controller / interface combo from Harley Benton (Originally made by TS Mega Audio) and ordered one from Thomann. It takes power from the USB port and also supports USB/MIDI so it looks very good on paper. Will report how it works, when I get it.

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Hey man! I’m new to Reaper, could you explain a bit more in depth certain steps? Specifically the parts relating the “subtracking” setting and setting the signal to go from said subchannel to another?


Make two tracks. Drag the midi track with mouse under the NDSP track. It will become a subtrack that way.

In the mixer view drag send from Midi track to NDSP track using mouse.

Hope this helps.


Followed these instructions (and those listed above), but nothing happens. Guess I’ll keep trying, I’m sure I’m missing something…

Thank you for your help and many apologies!

Just to heads up!
I have tested the Harley Benton Midi Footcontroller/interface for couple of weeks.

It is GREAT and so easy to setup using the Neural DSP Midi learn function. What I love about this setup is, that it can’t get any better than this if you wanna control midi changes with a Footcontroller.

One USB cable for Midi/Power/AudioInterface
One Guitar Cable
One Cable from output to monitors


Hi Guys

Hoping some one can help or point me in the right direction - I have just got a midi baby pedal and cant get it to play nice with the plugins (i have NTS and Nolly) basically just want to toggle presets
The pedal is programable and i can set it as midi input in the setting of the plugins but seem to be unalbe to make it learn
I have never used midi before so that doesn’t help :>

replying to myself - I can now use midi mapping in NTS to do preset select and preset next. I set Midi Baby to PC with 3 different values for the three switchs
BUT midi learn does not work in NTS or Nolly and their is no MIDI mapping in Nolly - any ideas ?

Hi guys!

Thanks for the toppic.

I am currently building an Arduino pedalboard to controls my DSP plugins and my DAW via MIDI with it.
It has 8 switches and an expression pedal input.

Everything is working fine in the prototype ( the only issue is that I just need to manually set the controllers, no midi learn ).

But anyway, I would like to ask you all if you have ever tried to simulate a volume pedal with an expression pedal and what control do you automatize for this?

Would you use the Input Level, the Amp gain… etc?

I have a problem with this because I can still hear the sound of my guitar even with the focusrite input level knob setted to the minimun and the Input level of Plini or Nolly setted to -24 (minimum).

Any suggestion?



I bought the same Harley Benton Midi controller (MP-100) but I am struggling to make it work. The midi learn function that you mentioned doesn’t work for me and neither does the manual programming.

This is my firt attempt at midi programming so I’m trying to figure out whether the commander is broken or it’s my fault.

I would really appreciate some help, thanks

Does anyone know how to get MIDI up and running in Ableton with the Neural DSP plugins? I’ve been able to get my foot controller working well with the standalone, but it is not picking anything up at all in Ableton. I have the controller (Disaster Area DMC-3XL) working in Ableton as a whole, but it doesn’t look like the plugin itself is receiving signals from it.


If you are running your midi controller into your computer, you can use a program like Midi-Ox to determine whether or not it is sending signal. That’s at least a starting point. Here’s the article that helped me get started with that -

I hope I’m posting this in the right place!

I have a very basic question since I am brand new to recording, plug-ins etc.

A few days ago, I bought a focusrite Scatlett 2i2 to get started with all of this but the 2i2 doesn’t have MIDI I/Os. Since I haven’t used it yet, should I exchange it for the 4i4 that has MIDI? Or is there another way to use the MIDI controls in Neural Plug-ins (USB?). What would you do?