Switch between gig view and grid view via switches

Great to be able to switch between grid and gig view via a switch.

You can with MIDI. I use a long press on switch D on my MC8 for this.

Right…but I want to do this just on the quad without an MC…I think the only way to do this is with the swipe. Maybe hybrid mode will do this

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The whole live workflow and screen navigation seems a bit primitive right now and is not leveraging the footswitches sufficiently for a whole host of potential functionality including easy switches between different screens, e.g. gig view, grid view, stomps, scenes, presets, etc… Enhancements to resolve these issues will require not only allowing more flexible use of the footswitches but also additional global/preset/scene configuration options for greater customization. I would imagine that exposing/mapping more available MIDI commands figures into that equation as well, enabling more flexibility for on-device, loopback, or external MIDI controller use.

Right now, despite the fact that the QC has huge potential for live performance, I would say the UI leans heavily in favor of lending itself to use in the studio, or perhaps live with the addition of an external MIDI controller. It is much easier to use at eye level where you have the luxury of frequently touching the screen. More of that touchscreen ease of navigation needs to be shared with the footswitches. Some of the functionality that can currently only be accessed via external MIDI control, needs to be incorporated directly on the device. This is not limited to the much-needed upcoming addition of hybrid mode. There are also several actions in the UI that still unnecessarily require an extra click or two, or lack the ability to click-through to a logical subsequent destination.

Lest I come off as too harsh I do think the UI is beautiful and already has some impressive features. It needs tweaking though, particularly for live performance. The UI seems to be getting better incrementally with each firmware release, so I am confident we’ll see some additional improvements/enhancements in 2.0.