Gig View Access by Footswitch and Not Swiping

Is it possible to access Gig mode just by using the footswitches and not swiping? When the unit boots up at a show and it’s on the ground the screens boots up in Grid mode. I have to kneel down and switch to Gig View mode by swiping as if it’s sitting in front of me. Is there there a way to do this that I’m unaware of or is this feature not available?
I find most of the improvements are geared toward table top use and not for live playing situations. I see there are many comments towards this issue and other suggestions to improve the live playing application. Thanks…

There is already a request for this.

EDIT: Here’s a separate request with more votes.

If you are using a MIDI switcher, Gig View can be toggled on and off from that.

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Yes, that’s what I do with a Morningstar MC8.

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Thanks for the reply and appreciate the suggestion for a work around. I don’t know much about midi or what it will set me back, but what I do know is that for the cost for a quad cortex in the 2K range, any additional equipment should not be necessary to do something this basic and useful. Same thing can be said about a global volume foot pedal. I am just hoping the powers that be are paying attention us touring players. After all, we are the ones out there on the front lines getting the word out. Not slighting all the in home and studio guys in the least!:grinning:

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Try the Midi BABY from disaster area. One switch three functions and is simple to program to toggle gigview and other things

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Couldn’t agree more! Have had the QC for many moons and I still use the Helix for performance because I find the switching too limiting on the QC. Without a MIDI controller the capabilities for really leveraging hybrid usages of stomps, scenes, and presets still aren’t there, particularly if you select the scenes/stomps hybrid mode. Some essential footswitch shortcuts for navigating between modes, or, for example, clicking over to an 8 stomp layout and back, are still missing. Even after the 2.0 update.

IMO you still need an external MIDI controller for the QC for anything other than basic switching if you intend to use it to gig with. I would really like to see Neural step up their game in this arena. Currently strong when it comes to studio usage but lacking for live use.

It sounds so good I will probably start playing it out despite my reservations, but with so many available switches it could be perfect for live usage without an additional controller - but it isn’t. The gigging musicians working for Neural need to make more noise and have more input into development. They must be aware of where the shortcomings are by now.