Activate / Deactivate Gigview via foot switches (even with locked touchscreen)

I found the swiping gestures to be not very responsive and I often have to swipe more than once until Gigview shows up. It would be much more useful to activate and deactivate Gigview via a footswitch. My suggestion is to use one of the up/down footswitches via long-press for this function.

This could also work with locked touchscreen so you don’t have to unlock the screen and still be able to toggle between different views when necessary.

I use a midi switcher to do this (morning star mc6) to do this and it is life changing. But requires extra gear. Would be nice to have a way built in


Great big YES!! :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

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My suggestion would be to hold the ‘Bank Up’ footswitch to toggle the I/O window on or off & to hold the ‘Bank Down’ footswitch to toggle Gig View.

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I use my morningstar midi controller to do this. Would be great to add to a footswitch as the screen needs to be tried a few times before it responds to the swipe.

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