Access block parameter from gig view

Right now, when you are in stomp mode it is easier to play while using gig view
You have an easy to view display that shows your 8 blocks assigned to stomps.

Actually, if you want to tweak a parameter, you must leave gig view, then touch the block, tweak, close the block go back to gig view.

That is a lot of operations for a simple task.

Touching the square currently turns the block ON or OFF just like pressing the stomp itself.
This means that you have exactly 2 actions giving the same result. (touching and stomping)

Feature Request: Touching the screen should go straight to the block’s parameter rather than turning it on or off.

No need to leave gig view, you are in a gig!!!

No, thanks. I understand where you’re coming from but in a desktop situation, I actually prefer tapping the box than pressing the footswitch.

Hi Alec, as much as I understand the desktop situation the unit is a floor modeler, and I would think that most workflow should prioritize working with the unit on the floor.

You make a valid point, and maybe it could be an option to toggle on/off ?

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Would it be possible to have a press and hold to enter the parameter mode? So normal press turns the block on and off, hold enters parameters.
If this can be achieved it would be a useful feature. With separate pedals on a pedal board in a gig situation it’s always necessary to tweak settings (gain, delay feedback etc etc), it’s a real pain having to exit “Gig View” then go back into it againl.

Different perspectives. Mine is more that touchscreen devices are suboptimal for manipulating with one’s feet. :wink:

You don’t play barefoot?!?!?!?!


I do, but years of guitar playing and computer work has developed more dexterity in my hands than in my feet.

I found this after I had already suggested basically the same thing here Stomp Mode Gig View Workflow update

Only change is I suggest to make a smaller button inside for on/off. Also it would be great if we could name the stomps per preset - so you could have something call .8 delay or what not.

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Another useful option would be to be able to configure specific footswitch encoders to control specific block parameters, or as MIDI encoders to send MIDI messages when in Gig mode. This way you can map specific parameters you might want to adjust live to specific footswitch encoders and they would be active when in Gig mode.

Having the footswitches and their encoders send MIDI messages would be most flexible, especially if a MIDI loopback option was available to send the messages to the QC itself. This would allow these encoders to be used for lots of interesting things.