Swiping up and down no longer functions

I’m only a couple of days in to the QC.
Now it seems I have lost the functionality of swiping up and down in the main view.
I can no longer access the I/O screen or the gig squares.

I’ve tried rebooting and turning off and on.

I’m on OS 1.2.1

I was going to take it on a gig, but now I’m worried.

Thanks for any advice.

I don’t have this issue on 1.2.1.
If you didn’t do so already, try unplugging the power for a bit and booting it up again after that.

Some users reported that the sensitivity of the screen is too low for them on the swipe gestures, so also make sure to swipe right from the upper edge down to at least the middle of the screen.

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I tried rebooting and then pulling the plug for a while.
Same result.
The swipe functions were working fine until now.

Hey @WaterGuitar - Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please email support@neuraldsp.com so they can help you troubleshoot here. :slight_smile: Thanks!