Swipe up/down iffy

When I need to go to the swipe down feature in order to get to the xpression pedal features it usually takes me about ten tries before it works. Same with the swipe up. Sometimes it goes to the directory page or the add (+) block page. Sometimes the search page. Is it me? Any pointers or does it need to go back to QC?

It could be more dependable, but it should not be as difficult (10 attempts) as you are reporting. it may just be about how hard you are pressing and your swipe motion. Not to compare it to an iPhone which has an even more touch sensitive screen but there are swipe motions on the iPhone for basic functions that took me a while to get happening reliably.

Just curious, does this happen on any preset or just loaded ones?

If more experimentation and practice doesn’t get you there, then maybe it is time to contact support.

So I did a search and found some helpful stuff that seems to work a little better. If go from the corners and swipe diagonally down it seemed to have helped, I only had a few minutes with it and had to leave but I will try it when I get home later and see if that is how it has to be done. My iPad and Android phone are much easier to deal with for sure.
It seems to happen on any preset I have. I thought it would be nice to have another way to access those screens if the swipe doesn’t work. Oddly enough when I first got the QC and would open a block and would try and tap the three dots for further options like “change device” it would take me forever. All of a sudden it started working. I was hoping that the swipe up/down feature would do the same thing…like it just needed to get used to my finger or something.

When I swipe up or down I start swiping a little bit outside the screen. Works every time.


Likewise. Not sure where I came across this tip, but it really does help; so start with your finger on the metal surround of the screen then swipe down or up to the screen depending on whether you’re at the top or bottom, and keep your finger in contact as you go from the metal to the glass


There’s a few threads on here discussing this same thing; many users find the swipe up/down feature unreliable & frustrating, it definitely takes a while to get the hang of it. There’s also a feature request to assign the associated screens to footswitches - you might want to do a search & vote on that (it would certainly make life easier if it were to be implemented).


Starting on the metal is the key although the diagonal swipe seems to also work. It would be great if QC could acknowledge this in the manual or in the videos. I watched their video manual and the guy just swipes as if it is nothing, leading me to think that mine wasn’t working correctly.

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Good to know. Thx for the tip.

In addition to the swipe down function, I would like to see the IO settings simply added to the Settings menu. No guesswork on whether your swipe attempt will be successful.

New feature request, check it out:


There’s also this pre-existing one (which I personally feel presents a better alternative):


There’s also yet another feature request thread on here regarding this same issue but I feel that the one I’ve linked to above presents the best solution (ie utilising footswitches rather than the touchscreen).

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Yes, as a new user just this morning it took me like 10 times to get the Scenes to come up. I tried from the middle and the corners… 2 or 3 times it brought up one of the blocks that was on the screen and then I had to click out of it. I do love the unit though, and like anything you get more proficient with use. I really like this forum as well.

Not sure if it’s the same on every QC, but for me it always works if i swipe really fast.

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But I don’t want to knock my coffee off my desk! :wink: Seriously though, thanks for input Andy.

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I don’t drink coffee, but I’m sometimes afraid my bandmates think I’m playing “fruit ninja” on the touchscreen of the QC. :wink:

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Now that is funny!

It’s true. I thought mine was broken but swipe sideways and it works great