New DSP Plugin User--Several Questions

Hi Folks-- Appreciate any help here. The Gojira Plugin is awesome. Have used S-Gear and THU in the past and a Helix floor for recording into Reaper. This sim has an amazing lively sound and I have my clean tones dialed in. The high gain stuff is 90% there but I can’t seem to dial out that last bit of harshness. I’m sure it is in the EQ section but which Freq’s should I boost or drop. Using a Suhr Legacy with EMG’s into an AXE I/O Interface. Thanks

Try boosting various frequencies to find the one you don’t like, and then cut that a little.

4 kHz is one of the more common frequencies that people dislike in high gain guitar. Maybe try a dip there first.

Thanks for the info. Will give it a try.