Boss HM-2

I’d like a Boss HM-2 pedal added for those Swedish death metal chainsaw tones. There are a ton of other Boss pedals already on the QC so hopefully it can be added eventually.

In the meantime, there are a bunch of HM-2 captures available. I have 16 captures of HM-2W (Waza) up on Cortex Cloud, check it out.

I hope they all have the correct setting :wink:

There’s a “correct” capture of both the standard and custom modes; the other fourteen captures are junk. :upside_down_face:

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The world always needs more chainsaw, voted. Having a fully tweakable capture would be great.

These were the first captures I downloaded. Absolutely fantastic. Would be cool to have a model, but I’d probably just run it fully maxed all the time anyway. :rofl:

Did you find that the QC captured it accurately? I’ve tried capturing the Behringer HM-300, and it always captures way too much gain and something is funny in the top end.

The QC got about 95% there, but there was something just a tiny bit off about the captures, especially at the max settings. I don’t remember what that was, though.

The captures were so close, and I was satisfied because I figured the sound would be shaped by EQ / IR / amp settings in the QC anyway. If I ever needed to use it live, no one would notice.

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